DiDonno Associates is an architectural firm started by Ron and Lupe DiDonno.  As an established practice, we have extensive experience with townhouse and apartment renovation and restoration in NYC.  The firm's work also includes new single family house designs in the northeast US, Texas and the British Virgin Islands and a limited number of commercial interior projects.  The majority of our projects have involved the design of owner occupied spaces.  We have worked on a variety of residential building types that can be reviewed on this website.  This breadth of experience has given us an understanding of the planning, design, structure, systems, spaces, and details of residential architecture.  We consider our design expertise as the primary benefit that we bring to projects. 

Our design work is evolved with our clients and not imposed on them, recognizing that each project is unique.  The starting point is our client's program and the context within which it is located.  By exploring the project's opportunities and constraints, alternate design studies are proposed and evaluated.  Once a design direction is established, the project is meticulously explored.  Attention is given to the development of the design within its economic and technical requirements.  The project is then translated  into clear and comprehensive drawings and specifications.  When contractors bid and construct from these documents, they are working from a well defined project.  This care and experience allows for a controlled and coordinated construction process.  


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